One size doesn't always fit all

At Strata Manager Finder WA we believe that not all Strata Management companies are created equal.

Each Strata Management company and Strata Managers have their own strengths and skillset.

Strata Manager Finder WA are a group of WA owned and operated Strata Management companies each with their specific areas of expertise.

This approach helps you find which Strata Management company is the best fit for your Strata scheme.

Why Choose Us?

We are your trusted local Western Australian Strata Managers

All members of the Strata Manager Finder WA website are:

Why Choose Us

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Our Strata Management Companies

Strata Manager Finder WA is a partnership between these companies whose aim is to provide a comprehensive management strategy for each style of strata scheme in Western Australia.

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Specialising in small to medium commercial and residential schemes and community title.
Specialising in medium to large scale high rise and mixed-use schemes and new development schemes.
Specialising in small to medium scale residential schemes, new developments and a DIY option for 2-5 lot schemes.
Specialising in defect liability of new complexes, defining boundaries of strata plans with a focus on mediating all issues relating of strata.
Dominion Strata Management manage a variety of different sized strata schemes and will always offer a professional and prompt service.
Established in 1978 and considered one of the most experienced Strata Management Company’s in Perth, with a dedicated team and unparalleled communication.
A boutique Strata & Building Management Company that specialises in providing personalised service. Our ethos is that Strata is about PEOPLE, COLLABORATION, and COMMUNITIES.
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